Google reviews are very important nowadays. We use them for everything, whether to eat at a restaurant, to travel or for simple things, such as a cosmetic product, cleaning, etc.

When you visit a coffee shop, a shopping center, a tourist spot… Google detects that you’ve been there and suggests to your phone that you leave a review of the place. This makes future customers better aware of the services and products of that place.

If you own a business, you must have your Google My Business / Google Maps account very well prepared, with the correct information, in order to improve your company’s sales.

Although we must also look at the number of people who have given their opinion about the product you are looking for. Since it is not the same, a 4-star product with 20 reviews than another product with the same number of stars, but with 200 reviews.

It also influences the number of reviews that a person has made. That is, it is easier to believe a person who has evaluated dozens of places or products than someone who has only done a couple. The more reviews and of good quality, the better it will be for that product or place, since it will have more visibility.

How to get reviews on google for my business

At Eblana Solutions we help you register your business on Google My Business and Google Maps so that your customers can find your services and products quickly both in the search engine and on the map and can also leave their reviews.

We help you and explain how you can upload photos, publish posts, link an appointment system, etc.

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