Any company needs a push to get notoriety in Google and achieve greater performance in their business. For this you can use Google My Business, a platform for companies in which you can show information about your business and improve your presence in Google. Eblana can prepare your account well in Google My Business and the users that look for the services that you offer will find you in a fast and simple way.

The new Google My Business comes to group the services that Google offers to geopositioning companies. Therefore, when you include your company in My Business, you get your brand:

  • Appear in Google Maps showing your geographic location. This way, your users will know where you are and how to get to your location.
  • Appear in Google with more relevant information for those seeking services such as those you offer, from your name to your schedule or how to contact your company or your website.
  • Communicate with users by responding to their reviews and comments.
  • Upload videos of your company to YouTube.
  • Take advantage of location extensions in Adwords.
  • To properly manage your profile, you can analyze the statistics of your company. Among which are the number of visits and the interactions your business page has had in Google My Business.

Here we show the 7 reasons to sign up for Google My Business right now.

1. Fosters a direct relationship with customers

One of the great advantages of using Google My Business is that you will know more easily who are the customers. Who are interested in your services or products? In this way, you will know much more about your clients in a clear way: for their reviews and comments.

In My Business you can read and respond to all the reviews. As well as publish photographs that show more things about your business so that the same customers know more about you and feel more connected.

2. Improve your digital presence

It is clear that using Google My Business interests you to improve your digital presence. Mainly in Google! The ability to publish a description, photos, location on the map and scores on the brand will allow you to gain a greater presence in Google searches.

Depending on the content generated and the interactions made by users, the positioning of your business will also improve.

The presence in Google Maps will also increase since your business will appear geolocated. When you search the map with the help of a file that will show all the relevant training about your brand that you have published.

3. Increase the confidence of your users

Through this tool you can manage all the information that appears about your company and find out who the users are looking for content about your brand, product or service.

In addition, the brands that verify information in Google My Business increase their chances of users having more confidence in them. In this way, when users find your business on this platform, they can see all the relevant information about your brand.

4. You get usage data

Managing a business blindly and without knowing very well what is being done or the impact that it is having is a useless and absurd risk.

Google My Business helps you in this aspect and shows you personalized, detailed and particular statistics with valuable information about your business. Such as the number of visits to your business or the comments in the profile.

In the same way, Google My Business can provide you with information as valuable as the number of clicks that have been in your account or outstanding comments.

The platform also gives you the possibility to access the profiles of the users that interact and discover more information about them. An enormous advantage that allows you to visualize clearly and graphically everything related to your online business.

5.- You have virtual tours

Another great advantage offered by Google My Business for companies is the possibility of a virtual tour. That is, the platform allows you the possibility of uploading a virtual tour of your business that is added to the location in Google Maps. This can be understood as a function similar to the Street View, but in this case the virtual tour would be your business.

This is another way of being able to better contact your client, also increasing your confidence in your brand, since the virtual tour makes you more transparent. Through these virtual visits you show users that you have nothing to hide. Your business is legitimate and effective and that you can trust your brand. The same tour, if it is of quality, will serve so that the first impression of the client is excellent.

6.- Integration with the Google environment

Using Google My Business will help you improve the management of other Google tools such as YouTube and Google Analytics that are already integrated.

7.- You can manage it from your mobile

To use Google My Business is not necessary to be connected to a desktop computer since you have an Android application and also for iOS. This app allows all companies to manage Google My Business from mobile devices.

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