Are you considering investing money in Adwords? In this article we tell you what its advantages are so that you know better the online advertising platform most used by small and medium companies.

Why Google Adwords?

There is a variety of systems to create ads depending on the objective and the channel you use to connect with your target audience. Facebook Ads, Twitter ads, Linkedin Ads or affiliate programs, are also good options that allow you to activate and view ads.

Ads created on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin are displayed on the wall or timeline of users and ads hired by affiliation on websites and blogs. Adwords ads show ads in the world’s most used search engine: Google, and in millions of websites and programs associated with your network. This greatly increases the chances of getting clicks and impressions, something essential if you aim to grow your business.

1. Complement your SEO Strategy

It is clear that the ideal is to occupy the podium of the top positions in organic positioning (SEO) of the search engine. It requires working content marketing, social media and controlling technical factors of the web. SEO offers long-term results and a stable investment of resources, but it does not have to be the only option for a company. The ideal is to combine SEO with SEM and launch campaigns on key dates for the business that favor good results of short-term positioning.

2. More Conversions than on Facebook and Twitter

Although social networks are an ideal way to connect with users, they are also a means that generates a certain rejection of advertising. It will depend on the circumstance and the product but keep in mind that through Adwords you show the ad in the Google search engine, something that guarantees you two things: greater coverage and reach users predisposed to receive commercial information or a purchase. At the end of the day that translates into higher profitability and conversions.

3. You can connect with the customers who are looking for you!

Users buy and search for information of all kinds on Google. With your ads you will make it easier and more likely to connect with you. You will be visible to all those people who search with related words of your sector, business, product or service.

4. There are no limits or borders

For international companies, Google Adwords also offers you benefits because people from anywhere in the world can access you. You can also configure language and location preferences.

5. Segmentation tools at your reach

Google Adwords has options to segment and choose the options that best suit what you need. Geographical orientation, language, display ads on other devices, select map extensions, phone, public, keywords, ad types, frequency are some of them.

6. We can measure your progress from the beginning

You will only need 1 or 2 days to start receiving information on the progress and results of your ads and keywords. You can get different ratios and percentages as well as performance reports and conversion of your campaign. Eblana provides the client with short weekly reports and monthly reports with results, objectives, action plans, etc.

7. If you follow the steps, there is success guarantee

The number of companies and SMEs that decide to invest in Adwords is increasing. Let yourself be advised by the Eblana team and get the most out of your advertising campaigns.

8. Short-term results

Since it is a means to achieve short-term objectives, it can be used to promote new products still unknown in the market and also to highlight campaigns in a certain period of time. An investment push at a key moment can give results.

9. Advice for the Eblana team

For doubts, optimization and receiving the advice of an expert you have at hand the contact of the Eblana help team. Also, the moment we notice that there has been a strange or radical change in your campaign, we contact you to make sure everything is fine.

10. The quality of announcement

Money? The money in Adwords is not the most important thing. To get a good ranking with your ad, in addition to bidding on the keywords you have chosen, you will have to optimize the rest of the factors that make your proposal convince Google. It is an advantage for smaller advertisers and a feature that puts us all equally.

11. Instant and direct edition

Adwords allows you to change the times you need the configuration and adjust your ad depending on your results.

12. It’s a good web traffic channel

There may be more than one goal in a campaign. Maybe you are interested in receiving traffic to your website because it is part of an SEO strategy or because you have other reasons that prevail to get a direct sale. If so, with Adwords you can get visits to your website and redirect to the page you want.

13. Adjustments and real time modification

Imagine that once the ad is published, you realize that you have made a spelling error or you do not like the meaning of the text. Nothing happens because you can modify the ad and in a few seconds the changes are updated.

14. Diversity and great coverage

There are three main channels or networks of diffusion: search network, display network and a specific video on YouTube. You can cover a wide range of spaces that will increase the chances of clicks and impressions.

15. A good way to capture new clients

If for some reason your business does not work through traditional media you can try Adwords and attract a new audience. It can be a turning point and proof of new ways of acting.

16. Control of the budget

From the beginning you can put a cap on the budget. You only have to take into account the individual bid per keyword, the daily budget and calculate the total budget per month. So you control your spending perfectly.

17. Cross configuration with Google Analytics

A fundamental part of the reports and the measurement of results is to unite your Analytics account and your Adwords account. So you can have absolute control over the people who visit your website and the relationship these visits have with the management of your ads.