We share several tricks that bring your client closer to your company. To create the confidence you need so that they decide to bet on you in front of others in an honest way through your emails. Email is the most direct channel with which you communicate with your client.

Trick 1: Forget about yourself and focus on the customer

If you really want to build trust in your clients, you must focus on who really matters in all this: your client.

Talk about what really matters to them: their problem and what solution you offer.

Trick 2: Talk about the benefits

In addition to your good intentions, worrying about the customer’s problem, you need to have a product or service behind that is the lever that activates that change.

If you visit the websites of your competition you will see that they all say the same or are presented in a very similar way.

Take a look at those characteristics and ask the customer what is the value, the result or the effect they get when buying from you.

Trick 3: Testimonials, your best advertising

Add testimonials whenever you can. In addition to online reputation, a testimonial helps a potential customer understand the benefits that your products or services offer and this simple factor can convince the reader of your newsletter to buy.

Trick 4: Sincerity, honesty

The first thing you should be very clear about is that the Subject of your email is almost the only thing you have for the client to open it. You have to make it irresistible.

Here we share some tips:

  • Make it generate curiosity and attract the attention of your buyer persona.
  • That shows a benefit for the recipient of the email.
  • Use an icon from time to time, but not many times.

False promises and deceptions are highly penalised in email marketing and with this you will only achieve the most absolute failure. You can sell a customer a thousand times, but lie… only once.

Trick 5: CTAs that keep promises

CTAs (Call to Actions): To get the desired click, write the text of the CTA in a personalised way; that is, directly mentioning the action to be carried out and using an appropriate language for each buyer persona.

Now that you know these copywriting tricks to build trust and sales with your emails, it’s time to start.

Remember that you must go through different tests and measure the results to see how these copywriting tips are working and refine little by little.

If you need help with your newsletter, both at a technical level and at the content and digital marketing level, contact us.