Internet is one of the most important ways to get professional contacts or sell our products to our potential customers. That is why must to have the best SEO agency to boost our visibility on the internet.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization: The set of techniques to optimize the site for major search engines, including the world giant Google.

Yes, perfect, but … what is optimization?

When you open a web you only get to see the layout of it, the styles, colours, menus … But there is much more behind. Much more!

There is a code in some programming language for web development. We change the code and Google sees the site it says: “This website is interesting and important, I will put it in a better position”. To do this, this code must obey certain patterns and standards. SEO companies like Eblana apply those Google rules to your website.

For this reason you have to pay an agency to do work on your website. The difference between SEO and SEM, it’s with SEM you pay Google to place an ad. The moment you stop paying Google, you disappear. With SEO you pay a professional like Eblana to be in the best positions in an “organic” way.

Both strategies are compatible and it is interesting that you have a good digital marketing plan to combine the two paths.

SEO agency in Ireland, the key to your success

Visibility is everything on the Internet. Our website must appear in the first results of the search engines for the important keywords for our business. For any search on Google there are thousands of companies interested in appearing in the top positions. It is very important that companies are aware that investing in an SEO agency is vital in annual budgets. Since the opportunity cost of not doing so is very high, we can be sure that within our competence there will be companies that do they are making the necessary investment to attract all those clicks to our website of potential customers.

The algorithm of Google

SEO is a discipline that requires great specialization and continuous learning. The changes in the algorithm of Google are constant. Only the years managing different projects of different topics provide the necessary know-how of a good specialist in web positioning.

A continuous work

When a company considers the need to hire the services of a web positioning agency, it must take into account that it is a type of work that requires a daily or weekly dedication by the specialist. Also to the use of dozens of services and tools to be able to offer the best web positioning, which are often renewed to adapt to the constant changes of Google’s algorithms.

A type of work in which you have to work hard to improve a project in the Google Rankings. It is important to be aware of this before hiring the services of an SEO Agency because unfortunately it is a sector in which it is easy to come across SEO agencies or hypothetical web positioning professionals, offering web positioning services at ridiculous prices. Besides they do not explain to the client that SEO work must be constant and is effective in the medium term, never in the short term.

It is not a bad thing. It’s good to know that you’ll get the results in weeks, not seconds. From Eblana we are clear and honest and we tell you the whole process so that you get the best results and are always informed of the work we are doing.

The danger of SEO agencies Low Cost

It is very common for many clients to arrive at our SEO positioning agency in Ireland, who unfortunately for them have hired a Low Cost SEO Agency for €200 or €300 per month, which in most cases ends up with a penalty for part of Google, which results in the disappearance of the web from the search rankings. When a client comes to us in that situation we always ask him why he hired that service, the answer is always, “for the price”. The reality is that if a good SEO agency found them expensive, the final price that they will have to pay for having used a Low Cost web positioning agency will seem like a fortune since to be able to remove Google’s penalties they will have that investing much more than they would have tended to invest with a SEO Agency would be if they had contracted from the beginning.

Bad idea: To leave the web positioning of a company to anyone with basic knowledge of the people who work in it or hire a web positioning company based on the cheapest price offered. Your online presence is very important. An online strategy in general and web positioning in particular can make a difference with our competitors. Those are not achieved with a few euros per month.

What we look for with SEO

Many SEO companies say that the result has to be having more visits on the web. Eblana is not limited to this aspect. From Eblana the goal is different: the goal of SEO is to increase the client’s income. It is useless to have 100,000 more visits on a website if no one buys. What we are looking for is to get more money for our client’s business.

  1. This is achieved with more visits, yes, but…
  2. it is also achieved by improving the online reputation of the client (what do they think of you on the Internet?).
  3. And improving the usability of your website.

Eblana’s SEO projects are complete projects that always seek an economic return, not visits.

SEO Eblana Agency, Naas, Ireland

At Eblana we have been managing SEO web positioning projects since 2008. We have the experience, the whole team is software engineers and experts in marketing from different European universities. We have the knowledge and the necessary tools to design and execute the best and most effective web deposition strategy for your projects on the Internet.

The team of Eblana work from Naas, Co. Kildare in Ireland, but our customers are in different countries. Mexico, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Ireland, England… Our team are available to explain you more things. And, of course, to prepare a special plan for your business.