Up to €2,500 with a discount or up to 50% of the total cost of your website

If you are looking for a grant in Ireland for the design of websites (to update the existing site or create a new one), there are 2 possibilities: Local Enterprise Office and Social Welfare.

Of course, receiving a grant depends on the quality of your application. If you create a website with Eblana, you can contact your LEO (Local Enterprise Office), apply for the grant and choose Eblana as web designer.

1. Local Enterprise Office asks you for these requirements

  • You can sell online your products or your clients can pay for your services online
  • Your turnover must be less than €2,000,000 per year.
  • Less than 10 employees
  • Your business must be working from an area covered by an Enterprise Office

Depending on the area, you may have some more requirement. Ask at your nearest office.

Your company may have the right to grant assistance of up to €2,500 with a discount of up to 50% of the total cost of your website. The requirements are quite simple. You can ask at the LEO office or the Eblana team. We help you to make the web that you make with Eblana get the grant.

2. Social Welfare Web Design Grants

TAT (Technical Assistance and Training) was created to help people who are in receipt of the Short-Term Back to Work Enterprise Allowance. They can help with certain costs to start a business. Grant payments must be made directly to the web designer, that is, in this case to Eblana. Your local jobs facilitator or enterprise officer can offer you more information. You can also check this link to know what the current rules are and how to apply.