API Integrations: Integrate all your software in your company with APIs

An API is the set of protocols and definitions used to integrate and develop app software. The purpose of APIs is to link your products and services with others without knowing how they are implemented, which helps the development of apps as well as saves time and money.

A very simple example. A company that has a website on Shopify and also uses Zoho in the office to manage their customers. Can you imagine that every time someone buys in ecommerce, the order and the invoice are received in Zoho?

Let’s look at a somewhat more complex scenario. A physical store, an ecommerce and a warehouse. Your company has software for warehouse and truck management, as well as other software for invoice management, another for POS (point of sale), and a website where customers can also buy. Can you imagine that every time someone buys in the physical store, the website discounts the stock, the warehouse software too, the accounting software is updated, the routes of your delivery trucks are adapted…?

All this is possible. At Eblana we have been developing API integrations for years to simplify the process for our clients, make their daily work easier, avoid human errors, optimise time and save money.

To sync software you need a team of senior developers like Eblana’s. We work with clients all over the world synchronising and integrating platforms of any kind such as WordPress, Woocommerce, Gravity Forms, Shopify, TeamDesk, Salesforce, Zoho, Gateway API, Stripe, Paypal, Twilio, Mailchimp, Google Drive, Office 365, SQL servers, etc.

Contact us and we will study your methodology and software to optimise your workflow and integrate everything in an optimal and automatic way.