Are you looking for an expert to create ebooks?

At Eblana we are experts in graphic design and software development. For this reason, in 2012 we started working with publishers in several countries.

Our experience

We have worked with more than 50 publishing houses, among which stand out: Scepter Publishers in USA, LID Editorial in USA / Mexico, EUNSA (The publisher of the University of Navarre), Rialp, Palabra, Position Papers (in Ireland), Fassbaender Verlag in Austria, Pontificia Università della Santa Croce in Italy, Asociatia Muntele Alb in Romania, Identitas Editorial in Spain and America, Albada (publishing of publications in Catalan in Spain), etc.

And we have made about 800 ebooks since 2012.

That is why we can say that we know very well the sales market and the technology for the creation of ebooks.

Where can I sell my ebooks?

Currently there are mainly 3 platforms for the sale of ebooks around the World: Apple Store, Amazon KDP and Google Play Books. There are more platforms but they are smaller. These three platforms are the biggest and that’s why we sell books in them.

We can set up your Apple, Amazon and Google Play accounts and prepare ebooks for you to sell them yourself. If you do not have a license for the sale of ebooks, since it is very difficult (it takes months to get all the permits in Europe, in the US Revenue, etc.), we have our own accounts and we can sell your ebooks quickly without needing that you spend months creating your accounts.

The process

Normally the clients (publishers or authors) ask us for information and they send us a file with the book prepared for printing. We convert all that material in ebook format following the standards so that the book functions correctly, have links, tables, images, be quick, etc.

Quality ebooks

On the Internet there is software that converts files to ebook format. Why does Eblana take several weeks to prepare an ebook? The answer is clear: for the quality. We only work with ebooks that meet the standards and that have a solid structure.

We do not mind mentioning the free software that converts ebooks since it is not a competition for us. To create an ebooks automatically with Calibre. You will have an ebook in 1 second, and headaches eternally. Cheap is expensive. An ebook created with an automatic software can not be validated by sales platforms since it will have thousands of internal errors. We do not exaggerate. It can have thousands of errors.

You can see an example in these captures.

1. This ebook has been created with Calibre in a second. If we validate it with the standard we obtain this result.

2. The same book has been created by Eblana in 3 weeks. If we validate it with the standard we obtain this result.

Eblana: Expert to create ebooks

The difference between fast ebooks and the quality of experts in digital book creation is clear. 🙂

Eblana works all the current formats, among which the EPUB and MOBI format for Amazon’s Kindle stand out.

Do you want to know more about ebooks? We are at your disposal.